Hermione from Harry Potter gets her kit off again, in a series of sexy new pictures for a charity book.

Our eyes! It feels wrong to look at Hermione from Harry Potter a bit naked, but here she is with her clothes off, again.

And this makes it twice in one week that Emma Watson‘s stripped off: she’s also been getting sexy in the trailer for her new film, Bling Ring.

Emma’s posing all sexy for her friend James Houston, who’s made a new book full of photos of celebs. It’s called Natural Beauty, and as Emma wrote on Twitter: “My friend is supporting GlobalGreenUSA with his book Natural Beauty. It’s out now”.

In the video, Emma does an adorable fist pump when she finishes shooting her half-naked pics, and you also see stars like Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, Brooke Shields, Christy Turlington and loads of naked models posing naked. There’s also a trampoline and a bit of drama when something collapses during a shoot.

Emma’s recently denied she’ll appear naked (AGAIN) in the 50 Shades Of Grey film, asking her Twitter followers: “Who here thought I would actually do 50 Shades Of Grey? Like really. For real. In real life.”

Er, us? Everyone? Is that bad? We think she’d make a great Anastacia.

Basically everyone in this book seems to be naked, which sounds about right for a natural beauty book. It’s about saving the environment, but really it’s about being pervy. Right? Right? No, just us again then…