Eating a meal off a naked lady – it’s one of those things that only happens in films, right? You may be pleased to hear that it’s something that you can do in London.
Flash Sushi is the first, authentic Nyotaimori dining experience available in London. Nyotaimori, roughly translated as ‘female body presentation’, is the traditional, Japanese art of eating sushi off a naked female body. For centuries this rare and shadowy practice has been the sole preserve of Japan’s very elite, but in the spirit of ‘gastro-egalitarianism’, has been brought to the paying public. Flash Sushi will offer a limited number of places to this most unique of experiences with only one dinner sitting per month until March 2010, where the concept ends – returning from its flash of exposure back to the shadows of gastronomic folklore. (ah, we’re no longer confused by the brand name)
The experience is like no other meal. Prospective diners are asked to register their interest through the Flash Sushi website. Customers will then be informed of the next Flash Sushi dinner via email, disclosing the time, location and a code of conduct for the sitting. For everyone’s enjoyment certain rules will apply and must be adhered to; such as no photography, no mobile phones at the table, no conversing with the model and most importantly – charming, polite and respectful dinner behaviour.
To ensure absolute privacy and exclusivity, the experience takes on a clandestine quality as diners arrive at the various locations, ranging from a grand central London mansion to an unoccupied warehouse space. Here they will join 12-24 other gastro thrill-seekers for a champagne reception before taking their seats around the single dining table adorned with the stunning Hadaka (naked) models. Thus begins an exquisite ten-course seasonal Omakase style sushi dinner. Sushi chef Saito (with 20 years experience) is entrusted to create a meal that fully demonstrates the depth and precision of Japanese culinary artistry. To witness the skilled knife work and mastery of technique of a real Sushi Shokunin (sushi master chef) is yet another captivating layer of the experience. We assume he’ll be fully clothed.
Dining Flash Sushi style means being a little flash with the cash at £250 a head, but you can see why. ‘You’ve probably never eaten sushi of this quality, let alone presented this way and I guarantee you’ll be talking about it for many years to come’ said Flash Sushi founder Nigel Carlos.
With Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore and Harrison Ford all having enjoyed a seat at the Nyotaimori table, Flash Sushi is bringing this specialty within reach for adventurous London gastronomes seeking the exceptional and the extraordinary.