A teenage girl was stripped and “tortured” for 45 minutes by two other girls in a multi-storey car park, while a boy filmed it on his mobile phone, a court heard yesterday.
The attackers, aged 13 and 14, repeatedly kicked the victim’s head “like a football” and beat her about the skull with their stiletto heels, which she was forced to lick clean of her blood.
The boy, 13, kept egging on his friends and called to them to “put her to sleep”.
Referring to a horror film, he gloated: “It’s like Resident Evil.”
The girl‘s ordeal ended when the gang heard someone approaching and fled. Naked, bloodied and battered, she managed to get to the main level of the Omni Centre, Greenside, Edinburgh, and told a security guard: “I need help.”
At the High Court in Edinburgh, the victim’s sister, 21, said she felt total hatred for the trio, who cannot be named.
She said: “I have complete disgust that children of this age can actually do something like that. Until I saw it, I could not believe what kind of things animals like that could do.
“It is sickening. My sister‘s head was like a basketball … she was unrecognisable.
“It has been very traumatic for her, and has completely destroyed her confidence. She is not the same person.
“She is starting to get herself together, and it will take time, but she is a really strong character and I think she will get back to normal. She has her friends and family for support.”
The girls and the boy admitted acting together and with other juveniles in assaulting the victim, 14, to the danger of her life on the night of 23 January.
Advocate-depute Alex Prentice, QC, said the youngsters were all known to each other and had been at a youth café before going to the underground car park, where some of them drank cider.
The 13-year-old attacker accused the victim of making threats against her and grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground.
She repeatedly kicked her head, and the boy filmed the assault. He shouted that he wanted the victim naked, and complained: “It’s only been five minutes of torture.”
The second attacker joined in, and she and her friend took it in turn to kick and punch the victim, who was naked and slumped on the ground.
They began to take shots of kicking her head “as if it were a football”, said Mr Prentice.
The boy told them to “get the heels out”, and they struck the girl with their high-heeled shoes in turn.
The victim spent six days in hospital recovering from multiple injuries.
Lord Malcolm adjourned the case until next month to obtain background reports.
He remanded the accused in custody, and said he would consider viewing the video in chambers before the sentencing hearing.