A girl of 14 was forced to strip naked and beaten with stiletto heels by a boozy teenage gang during a sickening torture ordeal filmed on a mobile phone.
The terrified youngster was attacked in an underground car park by two other 14-year-old girls and a boy of 13 – who compared the chilling scene to adult video game Resident Evil.
His gruesome 45-minute footage, which shocked hardened police officers, showed a wall covered with blood.
As he shot the horrific film, the yob repeatedly urged his pals to “get her naked“, “break her jaw” and “put her to sleep”.
When he ordered them to “pass the ball”, the pair stood either side of her kicking her head like a football.
And in a cruel taunt, he warned the victim: “You’re going six feet under.”
She spent six days in hospital after staff at the Omni leisure centre in Edinburgh came to her aid.
Doctors at the city’s Royal Infirmary said she was covered from head to toe in dried blood and had six head wounds “consistent with having been caused by the tip of a stiletto heel”.
Prosecutor Alex Prentice told the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday that the traumatised victim still suffers flashbacks and is terrified to enter car parks.
He said: “Doctors are of the opinion that there was potential danger to life.”
He said the attack began when the cider-swigging gang – who had a history of problems at school and social work supervision – were kicked out of a cinema at the centre on January 23.
One of the girls, a brunette, accused the victim of threatening her and began kicking and punching her.
The boy got his phone out and began a running commentary including the words, “Get the heels out” – at which point the screaming victim was beaten with stiletto shoes.
Mr Prentice told how the victim was made to lick blood off the attackers’ footwear when the boy said his mum would “go daft” if she saw it.
She was also struck with metal signs before the gang was disturbed and they fled.
In the early hours next day, police called to a disturbance at a young person‘s unit on the other side of Edinburgh found the brunette without her shoes – and covered in dried blood.
Her blonde pal was found the following day after being reported missing.
When cops quizzed the boy, he asked them to look at the video on his phone – which his mum had confiscated – as proof he had not taken part in the actual assault.
Mr Prentice said: “The officers viewed some of the footage and were horrified by its content.”
Judge Lord Malcolm ordered the gang to be locked up pending sentence next month.
He said: “I do not intend to have the film played in court. I shall reflect on whether I will view it privately.”
The victim did not attend court but her elder sister branded the attackers “animals”.
The 21-year-old added: “No matter what age they are, it is just horrifying. I am disgusted that children can do anything like that.”
“It is a good thing she was not in court to hear this again.
“She could not have faced them.”