Girl’s assault in underground car park of an Edinburgh leisure centre filmed on mobile phone.
A 14-year-old girl was made to strip naked and then beaten with stiletto heels by three teenage torturers while her ordeal was filmed on a mobile phone.
The scene in the underground car park of an Edinburgh leisure centre was compared to “Resident Evil” – a horror film and adult computer game – by a 13-year-old boy who kept his phone video running during the 45-minute incident.
At High Court in Edinburgh a judge was invited to view the footage – which shocked hardened police officers – before sentencing him and two 14-year-old girls.
They admitted assaulting their victim to the danger of her life on January 23 this year.
The girl spent six days in hospital after staff at the Omni Centre in Greenside Place came to her aid. The court heard She still suffers flashbacks and is afraid to go into car parks because it triggers memories.
During her ordeal, she was struck with metal signs ripped off the wall, and made to lick blood off her attackers’ shoes.
Doctors at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary found the 14-year-old victim covered from head to toe in dried blood. She also had six head wounds “consistent with blunt trauma and having been caused by the tip of a stiletto heel.”
Lord Malcolm called for background reports and ordered the young attackers to be locked up pending sentence next month.
“I do not intend to have the film played in court. I shall reflect on whether I will view it privately”, he added.
The 14-year-old victim could not face coming to court but after hearing graphic details of the torture her 21-year-old sister branded the attackers as “animals.”
She said of the attackers: “They are complete animals and, no matter what age they are, it is just horrifying, absolutely horrifying.
“I feel completely disgusted that children of this age can do anything like that.”
She described how her younger sister had been “completely unrecognisable” when she first saw her in hospital.
“I felt complete and utter shock. Until I saw her I could not believe what animals like that could do.”
She said of her sister: “I think it is a good thing she was not in court today to hear this again. She could not have faced them.”
None of the attackers or their victim can be identified for legal reasons.