A 14-year-old girl was made to strip naked and then beaten with stiletto heels by three teenage torturers while her ordeal was filmed on a mobile phone.
The scene in the underground car park of an Edinburgh leisure centre was compared to “Resident Evil” a horror film and adult computer game by a 13-year-old boy who kept his phone video running during the 45-minute incident.
At High Court in Edinburgh today a judge was invited to view the horror footage – which shocked hardened police officers – before sentencing him and two 14-year-old girls.
They admitted assaulting their victim to the danger of her life on 23 January this year.
The girl spent six days in hospital after staff at the Omni Centre in Greenside Place came to her aid.
She still suffers flash-backs and is afraid to go into car parks because it triggers memories, said advocate depute Alex Prentice QC, prosecuting.
Judge Lord Malcolm was told that at the time of the attack, the accused had a history of discipline problems at school and supervision by social workers.
Mr Prentice then gave details of the attack which happened after the cider-drinking youngsters had been slung out of a cinema at the leisure centre.
One of the accused girls – a brunette – accused the 14-year-old victim of threatening her and began kicking and punching her, making her nose bleed.
The boy got out his phone telling the girl attackers “Get her naked“, as he taunted their victim.
He kept yelling to the others to get her clothes off, keeping up a running commentary. “It’s only been five minutes of torture,” he said at one point.
After telling the other attackers to “pass the baw” the brunette and her blonde companion began kicking their victim’s head as if it were a football, said Mr Prentice.
As the boy counted “One, two, three …” the girls stood on either side, kicking the victim’s head at the same time.
The boy also instructed: “Get the heels oot”, said Mr Prentice. Both girls then struck the victim with their high-heeled shoes, ignoring her screams and pleas.
He further egged them on: “Break her jaw, smack her head off the wall.”
Mr Prentice said: “The video footage shows (the victim) slumped against a wall which is covered in blood and (the boy) stated: “It’s like ‘Resident Evil.'”
The terrified girl was again kicked as the boy urged: “Put her to sleep” and told her: “You’re going six feet under.”
He also told the girl to open her legs and filmed her private parts as she urinated, the court heard.
She was also made to lick blood off the attackers’ shoes because the boy stated his mum would “go daft” if she saw it.
The girl was also struck with metal signs torn from the car park wall before a noise disturbed the attackers and they ran away.
In the early hours of the following morning police were called to a disturbance at a young person‘s unit on the other side of Edinburgh and found the brunette without her shoes and covered in dried blood.
She told them she had been drinking cider and had a fight with a girl who was “being wide.”
The blonde was found by police the following day after being reported as a missing person.
Police heard that the incident had been talked about in a nearby youth cafe and were given the name of the boy. When they questioned him he asked them to look at the video on his mobile phone – which his mum had confiscated – so they could see he had not taken part in the actual assault.
“These officers then viewed some of the footage and were horrified by its content,” said Mr Prentice.
Doctors at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary found the 14-year-old victim covered from head to toe in dried blood. She also had six head wounds “consistent with blunt trauma and having been caused by the tip of a stiletto heel.”
Mr Prentice said: “Although she had no broken bones, this did not detract from the severity of her injuries and the doctors are of the opinion that there was potential danger to life.”
Lord Malcolm called for background reports and ordered the young attackers to be locked up pending sentence next month.
“I do not intend to have the film played in court. I shall reflect on whether I will view it privately”, he added.
None of the attackers or their victim can be identified for legal reasons.