The downtown Gallerie Dufour, formerly Indigo Gallery, will present “Coastal Curves,” a two-part series of fine art nude photographs by Charles Laurier Dufour, with September and October exhibitions.
“Coastal Curves 1” will be launched with an opening reception from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4, during the BelfastARTS First Friday Art Walk. Refreshments will be served and, as always, the artist will be on hand to meet and greet.
The singular beauty of the Maine coast shares the spotlight with the curves of the human form in its natural state in this series. As in many of the artist’s photographs, the total composition is paramount, with the nude serving as a critical element that enhances but does not necessarily demand all of the attention.
“It’s about balance,” explains Dufour. “In a creative and artistic piece, if all you can taste is the garlic, or hear the electric guitar, then balance is disrupted and the impact of the remaining elements is minimized or even lost.”
One would find it difficult to overlook either the captivating Maine seascape or the simplicity of the natural nude in the presence of each other as captured in this series of photographs. Each element complements the other.
“Coastal Curves 1” will feature images that look toward the sea for their inspiration. Water is the unifying feature across the photographs; the coast of Maine is captured in waters from Schoodic Peninsula down to Cape Elizabeth. “Coastal Curves 1” will be on exhibit through Oct. 1. The second installation, “Coastal Curves 2,” places more emphasis on the shoreline itself whether it be cliff or beach, granite or sand. The second series will be on exhibit for the month of October.