Parents who wish to encourage their little girls to potty train need to facilitate the process by dressing them for success.
If it is warm enough, the best thing for the little girl who is starting potty training is to just let her run around naked as much as possible. Then, let her wear her underwear. The less clothing she has to remove in those first critical days, the better.
Girls have an advantage over boys in dressing for potty training success because they can wear skirts and dresses. These allow for easy access and manipulation of the clothing. Allow for modesty by letting her wear a pair of shorts with an elastic waistband underneath.
When the weather starts to cool, however, parents will want to cover the little girl’s legs. Avoid using tights, as they are difficult to pull up and down. Think about yourself with a pair of nylons. It’s at least that difficult for her.
Instead of tights, protect her legs from the cold by having her wear leggings or sweatpants with an elastic band. She will keep warm, but still be able to easily pull her clothes up and down.
Another cold-weather article of clothing to avoid is the onesie. Parents have enough trouble trying to snap and unsnap these during a diaper change or a clothing change. Little girls cannot even see what they are doing, and often fail miserably, thus causing accidents.
Dressing the little girl in pants with buttons, zippers, and snaps make potty training difficult when she is in a hurry. It’s hard for her to undo them. Overalls are adorable, but very difficult to manipulate. Another big dressing no-no during the potty training years is a belt. Again, they are difficult to manipulate when in a hurry, and you don’t want to discourage her with toileting accidents.
Have her practice snapping, buckling, sipping, and buttoning on other items while she is in the potty-training process. This will allow her to eventually go back to those other cute clothes, when she has mastered their manipulation.