He’s a detention officer whose job was to keep an eye on inmates, but authorities said his attention turned to sex and teenage girls on the Internet.
Maricopa County detention officer Dominic Boulter, 51, faces an assortment of criminal charges for allegedly meeting teens on a social website, then exchanging sexual messages and pictures.
According to court records, Boulter pretended to be a 15-year old boy, then “engaged in sexual conversations via text messages.”
The records also state that Boulter “encouraged the minor females to take naked photos of themselves and send them to him.”
He then “took the naked photos of himself” and sent the images to the teenage girls, the records stated.
It’s behavior Boulter’s Sun City neighbors said was way out of character.
“I’m shocked because we’ve talked a few times and he’s always been very productive of everyone,” said neighbor Neil Miller. “He helped us when there were suspicious cars around. He’s always helpful.”
Investigators said they believe the inappropriate activity had been going on since January and involved at least eight different teens from several states.
Court papers indicate Boulter admitted to knowing that at least one of the girls was a minor.
Boulter has been a detention officer with MCSO since May 2003.
He was being held on a $20,000 bond.