The court decided: you can sunbathe topless

The Court of Appeal acquitted Anna K. – mieszkanka Szczecin, which is zasłynęła sunbathing topless on one of the sites. Female colleague, Dorota Krzysztofek, which did not make any appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code has also been uniewinniona.
In support of the decision the court stressed, inter alia, that the fact that women are topless opalały, not anger, nor zgorszył other plażowiczów, so it was not indecent act or whim.

It is about the events of last May, when both szczecinianki preserved, according to the court, “nieobyczajnie” wypoczywając bathing at Szczecin Arkonka. Tanning topless ladies are asked to guard the city, who wanted to punish them the mandate. Women refused to adopt it, the case went to court . In November, women have been punished judicial reprimand and a fine of PLN 230. Miłośniczki solar baths have also to bear the costs of court.

The ruling of the court agreed to only one woman – Dorota Krzysztofek that is not by appeal. It is Anna K. did not give up. Her lawyer requested the court of second instance of appeal. Anna K. Appeal at the hearing does not attend, because – as said – “is tired of the whole.” The court acquitted the two women, since such are the rules of the Penal Code.
Interestingly, whereas in Poland for sunbathing on the beach naganami penalty the court, in a real avalanche of protests Australia has produced its proposal to prohibit even undress her! Ladies on the beaches of Sydney. Posypały thunder on chadeckiego politician, who at the end of last December proposed a ban on topless sunbathing at the place where it is on the agenda for decades.